I am a psychic, light worker, and soul healer who has been gifted with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship, and Animal Communication. I am an open channel who connects with the upper angelic realm, including archangels.

The information provided gives specific guidance from God for a deeper understanding and knowledge of your life’s path. I connect with your energy and provide information about work, career, home, relationships, love, as well as answers to your questions about pets.

Because of my gift of Mediumship, death is not a barrier to the information that is available to you. Your loved ones may have messages for you or you may ask about someone in particular. At all times I am loving and honoring of you and those with whom you are connecting.

I work with many guides and especially deeply with Mother Mary and the Archangels and I will tell you all that the Creator and my guides are showing me. Your consultation naturally and spontaneously includes very deep inner soul work that helps to clear and heal hurts, anguish, trauma and other deeply rooted, accumulated emotions. I honor your privacy and each consultation in strictly confidential.

I look forward to being of service to you!

At the age of two, I can remember standing at the top of this dirt driveway watching a very large black snake climb slowly towards me. As I stood, broom in hand, I remember not feeling an ounce of fear. I telepathically said, “Hello, Mr. Snake, I am your friend, nice to meet you.” I saw images that the snake was not threatened by me, and would not harm me. So I continued to sweep. A few minutes later my mother came outside, saw the snake, and snatched me up faster than I could say “It’s ok Mommy, the big black snake is my friend.” Any ordinary person would agree with my mother that this was a very scary situation, but for me, a child who normally saw angels, spirits, and so forth this was just another normal experience.

I remember living in this little cottage with my mother. We would regularly have picnics and beach trips. One day we found a big beautiful black Labrador. I loved this dog and he needed a home. I persuaded mom to rescue the dog. A three year old can be pretty convincing and I just knew we had to help. After some time, I remember the dog came into my room in the middle of the night. He told me that he was hungry. I got up and made Gravy Train soup mixtures all throughout the kitchen. Mom awoke the next morning not too pleased as the dog had become sick all over her beautiful mushroom carpet. She was really mad and got rid of the dog. I said, “But, but…. Mommy, he told me he was hungry and I fed him.” She didn’t quite understand where I was coming from. I told this story many times throughout the years but in some ways I did not realize until 2007 that it was absolutely true. The funny thing is that I knew I was different, but I could not voice or explain the phenomenon that was happening in my life.

At the age of four, I awoke to a man standing at the end of my bed. I ran to my Mom and told her. She got up went in my room, and said there is no one here sweetheart. I said, “But, but he is standing right there!” She did not believe me, yet I could still to this day, thirty three years later, describe this man to a “T”. I realized that those around me did not understand as much as I did. So I kept quiet about it after this. I would tell THEM to go away. I shut down my gifts so that I could fit into the mainstream of humanity. At the time, I was so young, so it just seemed easier to pull away.

At seven, I had a secret friend named Gloria, who I have come to realize was my angel. She stayed with me every night for three years. She was like a guard standing next to my bed protecting me. I never saw her wings, but she was this little lady who was full of love and kindness. She made me feel safe. She was my secret. Eventually, she disappeared and I started doing more earthbound things, like running, doing gymnastics, and other sports. I walked in the “Walk for Mankind” all by myself in the rain, for three years straight. Looking back I can’t believe my mother allowed me to do this alone. I knew from a very early age that I was connected intensely with the divine, with God. I would pray all the time. Not about things like “God will you bring me some shoes, or a Barbie?” But on things like, God I want to make a difference in the world. I knew that I had a fighting spirit, and that I was a survivor. I also knew that my purpose on earth had to include a way to give back.

As my teen years began, I became very interested in spiritual books, concepts, etc. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I remember it resonating with me so deeply. I felt that the words I was reading were the keys to my soul which unlocked a deep inner knowledge.

This information allowed me to start finding and becoming the person that I knew I was inside. I began to regularly see auras around people and my gifts began to reemerge. I joined a meditation and study group at twenty one. I also had private sessions with a healer who helped me to start healing from many things.

One day a friend of mine invited me to see the “lady on the hill”. This is when I met a Shaman who forever changed my life. I saw both teachers for a bit but then had to move on to the Shaman who empowered me. We worked at removing layers and layers of gunk that I had accumulated in my energetic body. I was a young woman but felt that I had been through more than my share of rough experiences. I learned that I was not to be a victim of my circumstance, but I was to use the experiences to help other people and animals too!

So here you are visiting my new website and I am honored to spread love, light, and a deeper understanding. There is nothing more important to me than connecting the living with those which have passed and helping in the process of healing and closure for souls on Earth and in Heaven. I will continue to help people, animals, and any and all of those that are sent to me. I walk in the Light of God and I am very grateful to do this work. I hope that I can bring peace and clarity to your lives and the lives of your beloved pets.

With Love and Light,