Animal Communication

Animal Communication is the process of telepathically “Speaking” to animals. In the past, I have communicated with household pets, farm animals, and even exotic animals such as tigers or reptiles.  Animals feel happy, sad, mad, etc. just like we do.

Most importantly, they love with such incredible devotion. They just want to be heard in order to strengthen the relationship with their human caretaker. This can be helpful in understanding your animal’s feelings and behaviors. Please remember if your animal has an undesirable behavior, I can speak with them and suggest change, but they are not always willing to change as free will comes in to play. Sometimes gentle suggestion works with behavior issues and sometimes it does not. But it is important to note that understanding the feelings of your beloved animals can help both of you to continue a loving and happy relationship. I also work with end of life transition and after-life communication for both the human pet parent and animal.

In this process, I am the intermediary between the two loving companions. This works much like mediumship where I speak to the animal which has passed over and deliver messages to you. If you want to know more about what your animals have to say, please contact me today and we can begin the process of deep understanding and healing for you both.