I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy Bartley twice, and I sense she is someone who will be a trusted adviser for years to come.  Tracy’s gifts are truly amazing.  The quality and integrity of the information that comes through in her sessions is of the highest magnitude.  I heard about her from a friend who raved about her skill, and when I worked with her the first time, she did not disappoint.  With very little input from me, she read my life, chapter and verse.  Everything that she said was spot-on.  It is such a satisfying experience to work with her – I am an energy worker and extremely sensitive, and she creates a safe and very sacred container that is really pure and beautiful.  She provides real “meat and potatoes” information that comes from the highest realms, but is also grounded and practical.  Like many seekers, I have worked with many talented intuitives on my journey.  There is always some good and helpful information from the sessions I have had.  But with Tracy, it’s like every itch is scratched.  And her work goes to the core issues, so there is real depth that opens the door for real and lasting transformation.

She is a real gift, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Tracy is a wonderful pet communicator! I returned from a trip to find my beloved cat had escaped (having a hissy fit that I was gone.) I contacted Tracy to see if she could find her. Tracy located Amelia not far away and had a chat with her spirit. She told her to go home and forgive me. Not ten minutes later, Amelia showed up at the door. This was after a three day absence. I was so happy. Tracy certainly has a magical way with animals, and sometimes we just need to know what is going through their minds so we can understand them better.


Tracy is incredibly gifted as both a communicator and reader. She has provided my patients, family and many friends and me with great insights, leaving us feeling hopeful and reassured. Her messages contain validation and accurate phrasings, inflections and terms familiar only to you.   A reading from Tracy will leave you absolutely convinced as to the authenticity of her amazing talent.


Tracy is simply amazing.  I would definitely recommend her.  You don’t have to tell her anything- you just give her the subject and she take off with it.  Tunes into the situation immediately- describes people’s personalities and motives- and then tells you what you can do to best handle the situation.  She has an excellent vision and a very calming demeanor.  Not everything that she told me was exactly what I wanted to hear, but she tells it with kindness and compassion so you understand why.


“The experience that I had with Tracy was remarkable. She was about to tell me things about myself that barely anyone knows, sometimes I myself can not even see. She has such an honest sense about her, you can tell that she has such an amazing gift. Every time that I have spoke with Tracy, I get off the phone more amazed then the last reading, and feel so much better about myself.  Tracy has such an empowring gift, and I am so blessed to have experienced it.”


Tracy is the most honest, ethical, and accurate psychic I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her readings are always positive, even when she is telling me what I do not want to hear…and she gives me reasons why things are not happening the way I want them too or in the time frame that I want them too. She is truly an angel and has a special gift. She has helped me stay positive during a very stressful year and has always been accurate when other psychics have not. If you are looking for the truth and not just what you want to hear, there is no better psychic than Tracy. I highly recommend her.


I received my reading on October 31, 2009. The reading covered all of the members of my immediate family.

I let all of my siblings hear the tape of my reading. We thought that Tracy’s assessment of our current situations in life were extremely accurate for each of us.

Tracy told me that my mom would not believe any of the reading so that when I spoke with her that I should tell her that I spoke with my dad in a dream. However, I let mom hear the tape. Tracy was correct that mom would not believe. Mom did decide to ask the doctor about some problems she was having that up to this point she figured was just old age on the following Monday. Tracy’s explanation of mom’s medical condition was accurate.


Seven months after the devastating loss of my father, I met Tracy at an expo. I was immediately comforted by her demeanor. This was my first reading, and I was unsure of what to expect. Within moments, I knew that she was communicating with my father. The personality of the man that I had adored my entire life was unmistakenly coming through Tracy. Because of Tracy, I have found comfort in knowing that my relationship with my father did not end with his passing. Looking back, my reading with Tracy has done me more good than any amount of grief counselling. To me, she has truly been a gift from God.


I came to know Tracy and her ability as she has helped me in so many ways but last dec. I lost a very dear horse to me. I called Tracy to see if he was ok where ever he was now and as always i was amazed with what she was saying to me in regards to what he was telling her. After my reading, I had tears coming down my face now knowing that he was fine where he was and wanted me to continue with my working with animals. I was so moved by the reading and never will forget what she had told me what he was saying. Thank you so much Tracy.


I cannot say enough good things about Tracy. She is kind, caring, and her work comes from the heart. She is extremely selfless and ethical in her calling. Her information is always accurate and divinely guided. I always feel comforted, assured, and clearer after I talk with her. You will never regret talking with her!


I was amazed by my reading with Tracy. I met her at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Raleigh, NC in August 2009. She immediately greeted me with a huge smile, and was so open and accurate in her information – it was actually kind of freaky. All information was given with a spirit of love and understanding and I am so glad that I stopped to visit with her. She gave me a warm hug, and sent me on my way having a deeper appreciation, new knowledge and let me know that I now have a new knowledge inside me. Thank you Tracy !!

Bob and Elaine

Seven years ago our beloved son experienced his rite of passage and made his transition. Upon requesting a reading from Tracy, she embraced us with her gentle personality and genuine interest. Her compassion and understanding encompassed the clarity and accuracy of her reading. Tracy gave us the precious gift of hearing our son’s message along with messages from spiritual guides, family members and pets who have passed on. Tracy is a blessing in our lives and we hold the deepest respect for her as a person and Medium.


Tracy, I want to thank you so much for your awesome reading. You are very talented and compassionate. You have helped me be able to accept the death of my friend and move on with my life. Knowing he is in a good place makes my life more bearable. Hearing from my mother and father lets me know we so have a wonderful place waiting on us when our time comes to go home. You’re a Godsend and bless you for what you do in comforting people with their fears and insecurities and giving the knowledge of hope and love.


I talked to Tracy today and it was an amazing experience. Not only did she answer all of my questions completely and honestly, but had questions for me as well!! She explained aspects about my life and family to a T! I feel that she is a very humble and open person and I felt extremely comfortable talking to her. I will recommend my closest loved ones to talk to her, as she is truly skilled and on point at what she does. I count on calling her in the future without hesitation.